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04 February 2013

Better late than never.

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Coxy gave me some slides to scan to put up on the site about 6 years ago. Well here they are.

03 February 2013

Recycled History - Don Stephens

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While doing my semi-regular weekend activity of rummaging through Hobart's tip shops looking for that golden item I recently stumbled across a giant stack of old photos that someone decided they no longer needed. Atop of the pile was an old Sydney to Hobart black and white shot. I thought it looked pretty cool and ended up spending the best part of the next hour going through the entire collection. In hindsight I probably should have purchased more but I'm pretty happy with what I came away with.


06 January 2013

GoPro Hero3 Black first impressions.

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Finally there was some sun and just enough swell to get the GoPro Hero3 Black edition out in the water. It's proving to be pretty rad for downhill mountain biking but this is where I mostly want it to be.

The waves were an inconsistent 2 foot today so I didn't bother filming, instead I opted to play around with the various photo settings the black edition offers. Starting out with a photo every 0.5 of a second was good but I ended up with close to 600 photos in half an hour and 99% of them sucked. I ended up switching to burst mode where it shoots 30 photos over a 3 second period. This is pretty much bang on for up close photos in the surf. You can also set the camera to take wide angle or mid angle shots. These were shot on the mid setting which still seems to be fairly wide.

Looking forward to getting this out in some proper waves.

20 December 2012

Harley Ward Indonesia 2012

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Shipstern slab charger Harley Ward ditches the steamer for some warm water bliss and tears a couple of Indo reefs a new one.

17 December 2012


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Possibly the slickest edit I have seen come out of Tassie to date thanks to the brains of Treeksy.

Sit back and enjoy the show from Tassie's best riders.

12 November 2012

That day when Wedge was bigger than 2 foot

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In early October Wedge came to life due to a very solid SW swell. It was refreshing to hear people say they surfed Wedge knowing that it wasn't your usual 1-2foot.

Here's a few photos shot by Joe Hutchins who was lurking in the dunes while Tom Webster, Trav Hutchins, Coxy and Burdo amused themselves with a discarded prophylactic.

12 November 2012

GoPro HD Hero3 now at Red Herring Surf

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Red Herring Surf have received the first of the Go Pro HD Hero 3. They have silver edition in stock at the moment but will have Black Edition later in the month (date unknown).

05 September 2012

Troy Carson Images Part 4

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A bunch of Shippies photos from back in 2004. The usual crew from those days were on it.

13 August 2012

State Titles 2012

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Presented by Bodyboarding Association of Tasmania

Well here it is TAS booger children, the announcement you have all been so patiently awaiting…

It’s time to wax up the booger, lid, sponge, biscuit or whatever you like to call it and take to the air and to the tube with a vengeance, in your best prone and/or DK style on Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th September for the 2012 BAT State Titles and Senior Men’s Reunion.

The theme this year is to truly celebrate bodyboarding - past, present and future and with prizes and festivities galore we expect a decent turnout. So pencil those dates in folks as it’s not far away now. And it’s not just for the pros people, but the bodyboarding community at large – this is a social event where riders of all abilities are welcome to get amongst the action and support our great sport.

Proudly supported by a list of sponsors longer than a coiled leash, this is one event not to be missed by any seriously addicted bodyboarding nut from the Apple Isle. And that includes our proud senior men from Tasmania! The over 23’s will not only turn it on for all concerned in the water this year, but also on the dance floor of the Alley Cat on the Saturday night as special guests “The Sin & Tonics” fronted by legendary Seniors charger Dave “Edo” Edmonson rockabilly punk their minds and flippered-feet into oblivion.

Meeting at Goats Bluff lookout 7am sharp on the Saturday, a decision will be made based on conditions to select the best waves for Day 1 and to either hit the punchy a-frames of South Arm peninsula spots like Rebounds, Wedge or RSLs or to take the travelling roadshow east to the Tasman Peninsula’s Eaglehawk Neck or Roaring Beach.

With entry (including your comp tee-shirt, membership to BAT and insurance) at a flat $60 it’s a bargain and one weekend you will be sure not to forget. We will be giving stuff away too and have a crew at the ready to film the proceedings as well. Not only that but the serious punters can also qualify for Nationals being held on the NSW south coast at Kiama in the last week of November –more on that later. So what are you waiting for? Download your entry form now and get cracking on it like 6ft set.

Keep up to date with Bodyboarding Association of Tasmania through their Facebook page



01 August 2012

Nick Green Photo

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Nick Green has recently launched his new site. Head over and take a look I think you'll like what you see.