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06 January 2013

GoPro Hero3 Black first impressions.

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Finally there was some sun and just enough swell to get the GoPro Hero3 Black edition out in the water. It's proving to be pretty rad for downhill mountain biking but this is where I mostly want it to be.

The waves were an inconsistent 2 foot today so I didn't bother filming, instead I opted to play around with the various photo settings the black edition offers. Starting out with a photo every 0.5 of a second was good but I ended up with close to 600 photos in half an hour and 99% of them sucked. I ended up switching to burst mode where it shoots 30 photos over a 3 second period. This is pretty much bang on for up close photos in the surf. You can also set the camera to take wide angle or mid angle shots. These were shot on the mid setting which still seems to be fairly wide.

Looking forward to getting this out in some proper waves.

12 November 2012

That day when Wedge was bigger than 2 foot

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In early October Wedge came to life due to a very solid SW swell. It was refreshing to hear people say they surfed Wedge knowing that it wasn't your usual 1-2foot.

Here's a few photos shot by Joe Hutchins who was lurking in the dunes while Tom Webster, Trav Hutchins, Coxy and Burdo amused themselves with a discarded prophylactic.

29 April 2012

That's Not The Point

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No shortage of swell hammering the Hobart area today. While it didn't hit the size everyone was hoping for there were reports of early birds scoring some fun pits in the Derwent and on the infamous "Points".

Wedge was a lot smaller than I expected today and the wind wasn't as bad as you would have thought.

It'll be interesting to see what the sand does over the next few days.

26 April 2012

Lumps that are no longer

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There were plenty of wedges on offer for those prepared to look somewhere else besides Rebounds over the Summer months. Now that it's not all that it was here are a few photos from Andy Chisolm.

After you're done browsing this gallery you should head over to Andy Chisolm Photography.

07 April 2012

Mostly Stern

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Chiz providing the goods

After pestering Chiz for more images he finally gave in and sent this batch of Shipstern shots through. No need for anymore type just enjoy the amazing photos.

After you've drooled over these head over to his site for a whole lot more... ANDYCHIZ.COM

06 April 2012

Good Friday means good waves

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Well almost. I managed to grab a few fun ones at Rebounds this morning. 2 foot at the most, but everyone was elsewhere and I was too lazy to go there.

I put the GoPro on the timed image setting so it would take a photo every half a second to see what the photos were like compared to your usual frame grabs. Heaps sharper and looking forward to shooting a few sequences in some bigger stuff.

Was nice having a bit of water to yourself for a change.

26 March 2012

Andrew Chisolm Photography

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Chizza has probably seen/photographed more waves and Tasmanian coastline than anyone else. Wherever the swell is you can guarantee that Chiz is either on his way or already there. Here's a few photos from locals and a bit further away to get you through your typically difficult Monday.

Stay tuned for some great Shipstern photos which will go up later in the week, but if you can't wait that long for another fix of the red barons goods then head over to his website and browse his numerous galleries.

15 January 2012

Sunday session

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Here's a few frame grabs from a fun session at Rebounds today. The sun was out, the crowds were minimal and the waves were fun. Pretty good start to a Sunday if I do say so myself.