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11 January 2012

Another North Coast shark encounter

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A group of fishermen had an amazing encounter on the weekend when their boat grabbed the attention of a 4.5metre great white shark. The shark was approximately 50km's off Port Sorell so you can sleep easy.

Read the full article here.

Click 'Continue Reading' to view video of the shark.

11 January 2012

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On my way to grab some lunch at Wursthaus, Salamanca I swung by the newsagents to see what was on offer in the world of bodyboarding magazines. Needless to say I was happy to find they had a few copies of Stoke Machine Issue 1 on the stand.

A tidy little package for $14.95. You get a few stickers, Gracia El Gato DVD and a magizine thats printed on some nice feeling and smelling paper.

I'll let you know what it's all like in a few days.

10 January 2012

fluidzone: Tom in a Tassie Tube

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The daily frame on Fluidzone today features deviate Tom Webster styling through a sparkling blue keg. Check it out here... CLICK HERE.

Above is a video put together by Geoff Swan following young Thomas through the bushes. Well worth a look!

10 January 2012

Hardy, Player, Rawlins & Remarkable Caves

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The old mini dv tapes were recently rediscovered and this session was amongst them. This is episode 1 of the Frozen Hole Archives.

Filmed by Joe Hutchins back when it was still a novelty to have pro's visit Tassie at an isolated beach break on the south coast.

Ryan Hardy scored a Riptide cover from this session with an off the lip reverse. You'll know it when you see it.

I'll dig out my copy of the magazine when I get a chance and throw it up on the site.

03 January 2012

Troy Carson Images Part 1

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Here's a bunch of grabs and photo's that long time local photog and video enthusiast Troy Carson sent into the site back in 2004. Troy supported the site for several years providing grabs, stills and clips of bodyboarders from all around Tassie. Wherever the swell was hitting you could guarantee Troy would be there camera in hand.

This is the first batch out of several that will be uploaded.

26 December 2011

Dusting off some history

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I've just dusted off about 30 mini dv and video tapes to begin capturing all the footage we filmed from the late 1990's to the mid 2000's. This includes the remarks session with Hardy, Rawlins and Toby. Daves Place, EHR, Comps, Shippies, Hawaii and so on.

If anyone out there has an old Video8 camera they wouldn't mind us borrowing for a week or two please contact us. Your generosity will not go unrewarded.

22 December 2011

Black & White Makes Everything Alright.

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Here's a crappy little clip I put together at the end of last Summer. I think it was the last surf I had because I had my ear drilled. Filmed with the GoPro HD in some fun 1 footers at Rebounds.

I've just upgraded the the GoPro Hero2 camera and given the all clear from the doctor to get back in the water so hopefully I can get out in some waves a tad bigger than this over the next few weeks!

If you've got some GoPro clips up on the net leave a link in the comments below or send us a link and we'll throw it up on the site.

21 December 2011

Ben Player + King Island = Mind blown

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Pour a coffee, grab some vegemite on toast, then sit back and enjoy this amazing edit of Ben Player destroying King Island.

20 December 2011

Men in grey suits dine for free.

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A heads up for the North Coast lads if you plan on jumping in the water around Rocky Cape over the Christmas period. A humpback whale carcass which was towed out to sea has washed up again. The local seal colony has bailed because of the large number of great whites coming in for a free feed.

Read the article on The Mercury Click Here.