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01 August 2012

Cam Green edits Charles Ward. You will watch.

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Slick as shit edit by Cam Green of Charles Ward. You'll find a bit of everything in this clip. Enjoy.

26 April 2012

Lumps that are no longer

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There were plenty of wedges on offer for those prepared to look somewhere else besides Rebounds over the Summer months. Now that it's not all that it was here are a few photos from Andy Chisolm.

After you're done browsing this gallery you should head over to Andy Chisolm Photography.

26 March 2012

Andrew Chisolm Photography

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Chizza has probably seen/photographed more waves and Tasmanian coastline than anyone else. Wherever the swell is you can guarantee that Chiz is either on his way or already there. Here's a few photos from locals and a bit further away to get you through your typically difficult Monday.

Stay tuned for some great Shipstern photos which will go up later in the week, but if you can't wait that long for another fix of the red barons goods then head over to his website and browse his numerous galleries.

02 February 2012


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2011 summed up in just a few minutes for local Cam Green. Even with a bung elbow thrown in you have to be happy scoring waves like these.

Looking forward to seeing what Cam can put together this year if he stays injury free.

18 November 2011

Interview: Nick Green

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the new kid on the block in tasmanian surf photography

Nick Green takes great photos. His perspective on the waves is both fresh and welcoming.

I dropped Nick a few questions on photography, waves, riders and bodyboarding in Tasmania.


11 July 2011

GP7 some old and new east side sweets

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The second last episode of the Governors Paradise series produced by Simon Treweek

Sit back and enjoy some quality wave riding from some of Tassie's finest.

The joy of discovery...I can only imagine the fun the crew who found the waves in the second half of this section had.

07 February 2011

Hawaii 2011 Week One, Tassie Trip.

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The Tasmanian's first week in Hawaii.

Filmed By Pat Lenck

13 November 2009

The Jeremy Faulds Interview

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Jeremy Faulds loves to travel. Whether it be on missions to the West and East Coast's of Tassie, driving around Australia or flying all over the world he's done it all.

We managed to keep him in one spot for long enough to answer a couple of questions about where he's headed,the future of Tassie bodyboarding and life in general.