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20 December 2012

Harley Ward Indonesia 2012

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Shipstern slab charger Harley Ward ditches the steamer for some warm water bliss and tears a couple of Indo reefs a new one.

17 December 2012


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Possibly the slickest edit I have seen come out of Tassie to date thanks to the brains of Treeksy.

Sit back and enjoy the show from Tassie's best riders.

26 April 2012

Lumps that are no longer

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There were plenty of wedges on offer for those prepared to look somewhere else besides Rebounds over the Summer months. Now that it's not all that it was here are a few photos from Andy Chisolm.

After you're done browsing this gallery you should head over to Andy Chisolm Photography.

18 November 2011

Interview: Nick Green

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the new kid on the block in tasmanian surf photography

Nick Green takes great photos. His perspective on the waves is both fresh and welcoming.

I dropped Nick a few questions on photography, waves, riders and bodyboarding in Tasmania.


11 July 2011

GP7 some old and new east side sweets

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The second last episode of the Governors Paradise series produced by Simon Treweek

Sit back and enjoy some quality wave riding from some of Tassie's finest.

The joy of discovery...I can only imagine the fun the crew who found the waves in the second half of this section had.

05 May 2011

Harley Ward

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03 March 2011

GP 3 Beneath

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I was on an Indo boat trip once. As I jumped into the water one afternoon I felt my watch slip from my wrist. It was a gift, so I was immediately gutted. Unable to find it I hopped straight back on the boat, grabbed a snorkel and dove back into the ocean franticly searching for my lost watch. Swimming around down there I eventually lost hope of finding my watch, however, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of my surroundings. The tropical fish and coral reef looked amazing and I began to feel relaxed and calm. As I surfaced I felt like it was a fair trade, as if the watch hadn't of come off I may not have taken the opportunity to snorkel the beautiful reef.

This clip was not filmed in Indo. It's actually a Tassie east coast spot. None the less, I still think it looks amazing from beneath.

Riders:Matt Tildesly and Harley Ward.

07 February 2011

Hawaii 2011 Week One, Tassie Trip.

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The Tasmanian's first week in Hawaii.

Filmed By Pat Lenck

06 February 2011

GP 2 Ping Pong @ the Ward House

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This February episode of GP we take a look at the Ward brothers Harley and Charles.

Thanks to Ash and Harley for the additional clip and thanks to Pie for holding the camera and nailing a clip of Charlie while I was on the phone. Yew.