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29 April 2012

That's Not The Point

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No shortage of swell hammering the Hobart area today. While it didn't hit the size everyone was hoping for there were reports of early birds scoring some fun pits in the Derwent and on the infamous "Points".

Wedge was a lot smaller than I expected today and the wind wasn't as bad as you would have thought.

It'll be interesting to see what the sand does over the next few days.

06 April 2012

Good Friday means good waves

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Well almost. I managed to grab a few fun ones at Rebounds this morning. 2 foot at the most, but everyone was elsewhere and I was too lazy to go there.

I put the GoPro on the timed image setting so it would take a photo every half a second to see what the photos were like compared to your usual frame grabs. Heaps sharper and looking forward to shooting a few sequences in some bigger stuff.

Was nice having a bit of water to yourself for a change.

26 March 2012

Andrew Chisolm Photography

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Chizza has probably seen/photographed more waves and Tasmanian coastline than anyone else. Wherever the swell is you can guarantee that Chiz is either on his way or already there. Here's a few photos from locals and a bit further away to get you through your typically difficult Monday.

Stay tuned for some great Shipstern photos which will go up later in the week, but if you can't wait that long for another fix of the red barons goods then head over to his website and browse his numerous galleries.

26 March 2012

South Arm 25th March

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Sunday morning greeted those without hangovers to some clean and very uncrowded waves at the South Arm beaches. Rebounds was a playful 2-3foot for most of the morning with no more than 4-5 guys going wave for wave and enjoying the perfect morning.

By lunch time the car park resembled peak hour traffic and the line-up was the typical Rebounds circus with about 30 guys on the peak.

Here's a few GoPro frame grabs from the morning before the camera fogged up. Remember to dry out your anti-fog inserts people!

27 February 2012

Troy Carson Images Part 3

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The third gallery in a series of well... there's a few more to come. Here's some wedge, rebounds, stern and EHR shots.

Troy is back in town so hopefully he dusts off the camera rig and starts to nail a few shots again!


15 January 2012

Sunday session

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Here's a few frame grabs from a fun session at Rebounds today. The sun was out, the crowds were minimal and the waves were fun. Pretty good start to a Sunday if I do say so myself.

03 January 2012

Troy Carson Images Part 1

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Here's a bunch of grabs and photo's that long time local photog and video enthusiast Troy Carson sent into the site back in 2004. Troy supported the site for several years providing grabs, stills and clips of bodyboarders from all around Tassie. Wherever the swell was hitting you could guarantee Troy would be there camera in hand.

This is the first batch out of several that will be uploaded.

22 December 2011

Black & White Makes Everything Alright.

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Here's a crappy little clip I put together at the end of last Summer. I think it was the last surf I had because I had my ear drilled. Filmed with the GoPro HD in some fun 1 footers at Rebounds.

I've just upgraded the the GoPro Hero2 camera and given the all clear from the doctor to get back in the water so hopefully I can get out in some waves a tad bigger than this over the next few weeks!

If you've got some GoPro clips up on the net leave a link in the comments below or send us a link and we'll throw it up on the site.

18 November 2011

Interview: Nick Green

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the new kid on the block in tasmanian surf photography

Nick Green takes great photos. His perspective on the waves is both fresh and welcoming.

I dropped Nick a few questions on photography, waves, riders and bodyboarding in Tasmania.