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17 December 2012


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Possibly the slickest edit I have seen come out of Tassie to date thanks to the brains of Treeksy.

Sit back and enjoy the show from Tassie's best riders.

05 September 2012

Troy Carson Images Part 4

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A bunch of Shippies photos from back in 2004. The usual crew from those days were on it.

01 August 2012

Samuel Thomas

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Look out older crew the new bandits are stepping up and putting themselves in kegs that you weren't when you were their age. Sam Thomas shows you what he likes to do.

01 August 2012

Cam Green edits Charles Ward. You will watch.

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Slick as shit edit by Cam Green of Charles Ward. You'll find a bit of everything in this clip. Enjoy.

07 April 2012

Mostly Stern

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Chiz providing the goods

After pestering Chiz for more images he finally gave in and sent this batch of Shipstern shots through. No need for anymore type just enjoy the amazing photos.

After you've drooled over these head over to his site for a whole lot more... ANDYCHIZ.COM

27 February 2012

Troy Carson Images Part 3

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The third gallery in a series of well... there's a few more to come. Here's some wedge, rebounds, stern and EHR shots.

Troy is back in town so hopefully he dusts off the camera rig and starts to nail a few shots again!


26 December 2011

Dusting off some history

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I've just dusted off about 30 mini dv and video tapes to begin capturing all the footage we filmed from the late 1990's to the mid 2000's. This includes the remarks session with Hardy, Rawlins and Toby. Daves Place, EHR, Comps, Shippies, Hawaii and so on.

If anyone out there has an old Video8 camera they wouldn't mind us borrowing for a week or two please contact us. Your generosity will not go unrewarded.

16 December 2011

Craziest Bodyboarding Wipeout Ever!

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Nick Nairn-Smith taking the full force of Shipsterns Bluff.

06 December 2011

fluidzone: The Daily Frame

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Matt Tildesley nails The Daily Frame over at Fluidzone with Jeremy Faulds hooking into this Shippies beast. Click Here

13 June 2011

GP 6 Jez

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Episode 6 in Simon Treweeks Govenors Paradise series brings you Jeremy Faulds. This guy knows how to ride a wave. Enjoy.