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04 February 2013

Better late than never.

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Coxy gave me some slides to scan to put up on the site about 6 years ago. Well here they are.

12 November 2012

That day when Wedge was bigger than 2 foot

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In early October Wedge came to life due to a very solid SW swell. It was refreshing to hear people say they surfed Wedge knowing that it wasn't your usual 1-2foot.

Here's a few photos shot by Joe Hutchins who was lurking in the dunes while Tom Webster, Trav Hutchins, Coxy and Burdo amused themselves with a discarded prophylactic.

29 April 2012

That's Not The Point

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No shortage of swell hammering the Hobart area today. While it didn't hit the size everyone was hoping for there were reports of early birds scoring some fun pits in the Derwent and on the infamous "Points".

Wedge was a lot smaller than I expected today and the wind wasn't as bad as you would have thought.

It'll be interesting to see what the sand does over the next few days.

27 February 2012

Troy Carson Images Part 3

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The third gallery in a series of well... there's a few more to come. Here's some wedge, rebounds, stern and EHR shots.

Troy is back in town so hopefully he dusts off the camera rig and starts to nail a few shots again!


15 July 2011

South Coast - Mix Part Two

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The second installment of South Coast images from the old site.

Technology had made a few advancements here int he form of Video8, Mini DV and Sony Sports packs, which allowed for frame grabs to be used.

If you have any photo's that you'd like to share with others let me know and we can get them up on the site.