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14 March 2012

Eaglehawk Neck GoPro

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So Troy Carson is back behind the camera. Well in front of it actually. He's now armed with a brand spanking new GoPro and a pretty sick board mount. Here's some footage from Eaglehawk Neck last week.

02 February 2012

Ben Player: A Holiday

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There isn't any Tassie in this vid but if you want to improve your wave riding skills then take a look at some of the amazing lines that BP draws. Filmed in Bali over a 5 day period where BP went to escape life for a while.

Sit back with a fresh coffee and some toast and mind surf the shit out of these waves with Ben Player.

08 December 2011

Pirates Bay, Tasmania surf and bodyboarders

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A clip ex-Tassie resident Troy Carson put together for the old Frozen Hole site a few years back. Ahhhh Daves Place how I miss you...