18 November 2011

Interview: Nick Green

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the new kid on the block in tasmanian surf photography

Nick Green takes great photos. His perspective on the waves is both fresh and welcoming.

I dropped Nick a few questions on photography, waves, riders and bodyboarding in Tasmania.


FH: What gear are you running? Are you a Canon or a Nikon guy?
NG: Canon 40D, 50mm f1.8, 75-350mm, Aqautech Housing

FH: Is this your first set-up or were you shooting with anything else prior?
NG: Yeah this is pretty much my first set-up, I used to swim around with a little underwater digital camera. That thing got me hooked though, even though it produced crappy images I loved it.

FH: Which photogs inspire you?
NG: Well Tassie is full of talent when it comes to photography.. in and out of the water. So I guess I draw inspiration from the guys that are doing the same as me, I'm always looking through their work to see how they dealt with a certain swell. But I try not to let their work reflect on things I'm doing, in some cases I try and do the complete opposite. I like photographers that are doing things different but are doing it well, too many names come to mind when I think of people who inspire me, often they aren't even photographers.. just people I know that have something to offer. You can get inspiration off anyone or anything at any given time.

FH: Fav wave to shoot?
NG: Rebounds has always been a favourite, its where it all started for me and I love the set-up there. I don't think I have ever shot the same angle more than once there, it has so many different places to shoot from. But I also hear it is dead lately. As far as actual more quality waves go you cant go past the east coast, every wave up there has something to offer and the vibes when there is swell there are the best.

FH: Are you selling photos and if so where can people get a hold of them?
NG: urrently working on getting a site released mid next year, until then I'm trying to keep most shots just sitting on my hard drive.

FH: Do you have a favourite photo you've shot so far?
NG: Can't say I have a photo that I could confidently say is my favourite.. But this shot from agates is a photo I always like to look at. By no means is it an amazing photo, I just like it cause of the memories that come with it. Was the first time I had ever been to agates and I love that place.. Amazing set-up, could never get sick of shooting there.

FH: Prefer land or water?
NG: Both. I don't like shooting land and just zooming in, cropping out the foreground and background. When I shoot land I'm always trying to think of a fresh angle that hasn't been shot before. Most of the time when I shoot land I make the waves look 16 times better than they actually are just cause the way I shot it or in most cases just luck. I'm kinda new to shooting water ( with my new set-up ) and I cant say I have gotten many shots I'm overly stoked with.. But in saying that I know that down the track things will change, just need the chance to shoot some good waves. I'm constantly thinking about things I want to do in the water, my main focus in taking photos is to be as unique as possible.

FH: Any sketchy moments in the water while shooting?
NG: Nothing major, cause I'm only shooting 50mm in water I'm not getting myself in dangerous positions like I would shooting fish-eye. Probably the sketchiest experience was that last point swell. Thought I would give shooting water at outside outside a crack, had been in the water for about 15 minutes and then one of those big fat wash through sets came through and cleaned me up and stole my fin. Beaten, I went to get in further down the point, awkwardly trying to body surf a wave over the rocks and it just flipped me and slammed me onto the rocks. Right in front of the crew sitting on the bank.

FH: Which riders are good to work with when you're shooting form the water?
NG: Sam and Cohen Thomas are good cause they want to get photos and they normally try their best to do what I think will make a cool shot. But basically any rider who can surf well is good. I think you can plan a shot as much as you want but in the long run the ocean is random and sometimes the best shot you get from a session is the one you least expected.

FH: Do you get out on a booger much?
NG: haha nah not really, you'll only ever see me surfing at my local or when its so shit no wants to go out.

FH: If so got a wave that you would put down the camera for in exchange for some ramps or pits?
NG: I love shoreys, there is nothing better than pulling into a close-out and getting slammed.

FH: Who should we be keeping an eye out for in the new crew?
NG: The Thomas Brothers ! Sammy and Cohen are both so down to earth and they both rip. Sammy is a skitz and if you tell him to go he will go , he will go.. He also just generally is good at surfing, a technical and powerful surfer. Cohen has got style and for how little and how young he is he is out-surfing people older than he is. For the past year I have been to basically every single swell with these boys and they've improved dramatically over that period of time. Looking forward to seeing how much better they get. " The Lost Boys of Tasmania " - Charles & Harley Ward Cam Green and Matthew Tildesley are in my eyes Tassie bodyboarding, they have received the most attention from interstate and even internationally with Harley and Charles representing our little state in Hawaii. They are talented boys and all really good blokes too. I think the boys up north would be the others, they surf more than anyone and it seems to working well for them.

FH: Anything you would like to say to the bodyboarding community of Tassie or the rest of the world?
NG: Thanks Paul Hutchins for asking me to this and I hope this site is a success, Tassie needs something like this with the amount of talent we have down here. Keep a look out for my website which I plan on releasing next year!

FH: No worries mate, let me know when the sites up and running and we can plug the hell out of it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and keep up the great work behind the lens!

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