26 March 2012

South Arm 25th March

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Sunday morning greeted those without hangovers to some clean and very uncrowded waves at the South Arm beaches. Rebounds was a playful 2-3foot for most of the morning with no more than 4-5 guys going wave for wave and enjoying the perfect morning.

By lunch time the car park resembled peak hour traffic and the line-up was the typical Rebounds circus with about 30 guys on the peak.

Here's a few GoPro frame grabs from the morning before the camera fogged up. Remember to dry out your anti-fog inserts people!

10 March 2012

Eaglehawk Neck Report

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Saturday 10th March 2012

What looked like it was going to be a solid swell that should have hung around till this morning disappeared in true Tassie style.

Reports of cracking Daves Place on dark last night and some solid but onshore bowls on the reef throughout yesterday were doing the rounds.

Today I was greeted by some high tide barely breaking reef with a crew of about 10 milking every ripple that came through. Then there was the fat but fun looking banks on the beachie. The beach had the biggest crowd I have seen out there for some time with approximately 30 guys fighting for the 2foot peaks.

Here's a few photos that make it look better than it was.

01 March 2009

South February '09

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Summer on the South Coast has been a bit of a mixed bag. The usual summer haunts have failed to produce anything of quality except for one... Remarks can be creditied with saving many of the states bodyboarders from going insane. An unprecedented amount of sand in the bay has led to many epic days with crowds at a minimum (on some occassions). Very shallow banks and plenty of bounce have been keeping the devoted very happy over the hot summer days, with several "best ever" calls being thrown around. The usual gang of shralpers have pretty much been living down there over summer. Two of the states finest drop knee men, Jim Barwick and Paul Harper have been killing it. Jim has been on fire, taking off on anything that comes his way and impressing the pants off anyone who happens to witness is flawless skills and style in the tube. He has also just purchased a new board, ask him about it. The prone men have been inform aswell. Mr Consistent, Jez Faulds, has been tearing along with Charles Ward, Nick Mole, Geoff Swain, George Webster, Matt Howden, Stu Boggs, Chris Eddo, J Bizzle and the rest of the gang.

01 February 2009

East January '09

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01 February 2009

South January '09

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01 November 2008

North October '08

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Well this months has seen a fair few good swells with the west coast finally showing us what it dose best after not seeing waves there for a good 2 months or longer Aaron Lawson, Sean Hutchison and Joseph Poke all scoring thunder with some good 5 to 6 foot waves to be had. On the same weekend Shaun Lintner and Marcus Morel scored some good bluff and sarah-anne wedge.

01 October 2008

South September '08

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